About Us

Our Mission is to deliver excellent, compassionate patient care, from the initial contact with our office, to the follow-up post surgical visit. We encourage and foster a partnership between our patients and staff. Excellent communication is our first concern. We educate our patients to recognize that they have a responsibility to participate in, and to take ownership of, any decisions involving their health care. We encourage our patients to include family and close friends in any education sessions we provide concerning their condition, and we make every effort to keep family members informed of progress. We have found that involving family in a collaborative recovery process benefits our patients. We pride ourselves on having a friendly, supportive and professional environment, where you are encouraged to ask as many questions as you need to. We believe that your health requires a partnership between you and your doctor, and we translate this into taking our time with you, and making sure that you truly understand all of your options.

Dr. David Langer's work with aneurysms and cerebral malformations has put him in the forefront of neurological medicine. Dr. Langer is a frequent lecturer, whose research appears regularly in scientific journals. He was part of the team at Beth Israel, that for the first-time ever, used NOVA to evaluate and assist in the separation of conjoined twins.

Dr. Langer uses the latest state-of-the-art technology, and he is the only surgeon in the New York City area who is exclusively using the Vycor ViewSite System. The system reduces the risk of retraction injury, and other complications, that can occur when surgeons attempt to locate brain tumors using traditional devices and instruments. In essence, promoting streamlined surgery for the surgeon and a faster recovery process for the patient. The result: easier access, lower focal pressures, improved visualization, and reduced surrounding injury.



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